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Hoisting Grip


    Lace-up hoisting grips provide an effective means for hoisting coax and elliptical waveguide into position and can be utilized to provide additional support once in place. The lace-up design allows the hoisting grip to be attached even when the run has been connectorized and facilitates easy positioning at 200 (61m) increments on long coax runs.

    Pre-laced hoisting grips feature a closed-mesh design which simplifies installation over traditional split, lace-up style grips. The unique design allows the pre-laced hoisting grip to slip over an unterminated end of coax. The grip securely tightens when pulled, providing an effective means to hoist coax into position and to provide additional support for the coax once in place. 

Available for 3/8", 1/2", 7/8", 5/4", 13/8" cable 


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