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FTTH Drop Cable


Butterfly Drop Cable (FTTH terminal cable) locally named pixian cable. Its structure is putting the fiber middle of the strengthen member and outside wrapped LSZH outer sheath. Self-supporting Butterfly Drop Cable, it adds metal messenger wire based on Butterfly Drop Cable. These two kinds of cables have compact structure and superior high-low temperature performance. The strengthen messenger wire is high-carbon steel wire or steel strand and have superior tensile performance. The fiber and the strengthen member all have superior bend performance. The outer sheath is low-smoke halogen-free material; it has superior frame retardance performance. The product is suitable for user network access.
Butterfly drop cable(figure 1) Self-supporting Butterfly drop cable(figure 2)
Fiber count 1~2 4 (Fiber ribbon) 1~2 4 (Fiber ribbon)
Attenuation (dB/km)
G652 or G657 @ 1310 / @ 1550 nm
0.36/0.25 0.36/0.25 0.36/0.25 0.36/0.25
Diameter (mm) 2.0X3.1(±0.1) 2.0X3.1(±0.1) 2.0X5.1(±0.1) 2.0X6.1(±0.1)
Weight (kg/km) 9.5 12 21 25
Tensile strength(N) Long term Metallic strength member 40 FRP strength member 100 300
Short term 80 200 600
Crush resistance (N/100mm) Long term 1000 1000
Short term 2000 2000
Bend radius (mm) Static 60 (G652) 30 (G657A) 25 (G657B)
Dynamic 30 (G652) 15 (G657A) 10 (G657B)
Operating temp (℃) -20 ~ +60
Enviromental standards: Accord with EU ROHS standard, flame retardant grade accord with IEC 60332
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